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Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Analog Devices (NASDAQ: ADI), also known as Analog Devices, Inc., is a world leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of high-performance analog, mixed-signal and digital signal processing (DSP) integrated circuits (ICs), products Involves almost all types of electrical and electronic equipment

  • Sensors and MEMS

  • RF and microwave

  • Processors and Microprocessors

  • Industrial Ethernet

  • Interface and Isolation

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Sensors and MEMS

Sensors and MEMS

Analog Devices MEMS accelerometer and gyroscope solutions provide designers with discrete devices and plug-and-play iSensor® MEMS subsystems. Our iSensor MEMS IMUs are highly integrated multi-axis solutions that combine gyroscopes, accelerometers, magnetometers, pressure sensors and other technologies suitable for multiple degrees of freedom applications under dynamic conditions

  • Optical sensor

  • Magnetic field sensor

  • Accelerometer

  • Dedicated accelerometer

  • Mems gyroscope

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Processors and Microprocessors

Processors and Microprocessors

These processors include audio processors/SoCs, embedded processors and digital signal processors with floating-point (SHARC+, SHARC and TigerSHARC) and fixed-point (Blackfin, SigmaDSP and ADSP-21xx) DSP cores and various hybrid peripherals. The SoC integrates Arm® cores to support complex peripherals such as Ethernet and USB. Microcontrollers include mixed-signal control processors and analog microcontrollers built on 32-bit Arm and 8-bit 8052 technology. The broad product portfolio includes on-chip options such as analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion, flash memory, power management, and digital accelerometers/filters to meet system requirements and simplify designs.

  • Analog Microcontroller

  • Visual Inspection Algorithms

  • Processors and DSPs

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